Clone any sales page to your domain with a few clicks and in a few seconds, without Hosting, WordPress, or even technical knowledge!

Affiliate, stop worrying about the technical and boring stuff that gets in your way to start advertising and making sales. Have everything you need in one place, to advertise without fear of getting blocked by Facebook or Google, using your own domain with your own pixels and commission markers.

The Tool that turns Affiliates into Top Affiliates!

Cloner App is the best 100% focused tool for affiliates to create their own structure quickly, to start advertising and selling every day without any more worries.

Learn about our exclusive features that make page cloner your most powerful secret weapon.


Clone in just 2 steps

You just need to enter the url of the page you want to clone, and you are done, the page cloner does everything else for you.


Any kind of page

You can clone any page, be it sales, optin, blog, it doesn't matter, we create the cloned page and make it load inside your domain.


Unlimited changes

Our tool allows you to change any content you want from the original pages on your new cloned page.


Speed up your pages

The cloned pages are stored on our server to increase the speed and decrease their loading time.


Pixels and Tracking Scripts

Easily insert your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Facebook Pixel code into the dashboard, and create retargeting campaigns.


Pre-sell and cloaked pages

In addition to cloning, our tool automatically generates for you a presell and cloaked page for you to use in your sales campaigns.

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Your Own Domain

Use the cloned pages directly on your domain. You can also customize the links on your domain to make it the way you want it.


WhatsApp Chat

Easily insert a WhatsApp Chat button on your page, so your visitors can chat with you, without any extra code.


Pixel and Domain Verification

Add your own pixel to the cloned page, and have your domain verified with Facebook to have campaigns meeting the guidelines.

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Dedicated Hosting

Don't worry about hosting, all your pages are hosted on our high-performance dedicated servers, so that your pages never go offline.


Payment Processors Verification

Have your domain verified with the payment processors you use, so you can have the best cookie and remarketing pixel markup.



Add your hidden cookie bookmark to your pages and replace checkout links with your own in a few clicks.

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Sales Tracking

Know exactly which campaign generated the most sales by tagging with URL parameter passing for all links on the cloned page.

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Social Sharing

Customize how your page will be shared by changing the title, description, and even the image that will be posted on social networks.

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SSL Certificate

Have your domain protected with a SSL digital certificate, so your ads have more relevance by being safe to visitors.

… it's the perfect tool to start advertising today!


An excelent and easy tool to work with…

"The Cloner App is an excellent tool for working on a daily basis as an affiliate!"

Waldemiro Bastos

It was the perfect solution for me and my business…

"It was the perfect solution for me and my business! Everything working and smooth. Congratulations for this excellent tool!"

Felipe Aron


It has increased my sales…

"Thank you for this wonderful tool, it has increased my sales more every day"

Edi Ladeira

Top 5 reasons why over 6000 customers use the Cloner App

With over 20,000 active installations, the Cloner App is the most powerful tool for affiliates.

Check out the main reasons why it is so popular with our customers…

Create your first cloned page in just a few seconds

The Cloner App was developed to be fast, easy to use and straight forward, so as soon as you receive your login details, you can start using the platform.

And in less than 5 minutes you can have your cloned page up and running on your own domain to promote it.

Customize your page as you want, making everything work the way you want it to

With the content replacement system, you can change the texts, images and everything you want on yournew page, so you can have the cloned page the way you want.

You can replace everything without any complication or headache, just fill in the content you want to be changed and you are done.

Packed with the best features that affiliates love

One of the key features is stealth cookie tagging, allowing you to tag your cookie as soon as the lead visits your page.

Ensuring you don't lose your commission, along with features like exit intent redirect and passing URL parameters for checkout.

Extra and unique features in a few clicks

Having elements that help you create a page with your identity, you can add a WhatsApp button to direct your visitor to a one-on-one conversation.

And you can also customize how your page will look like when shared on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

Different tracking pixels with no difficulties

You can place your own pixel from Facebook, Google Analytics, Tag Manger and Google Ads without any difficulty, using only its ID.

And you can add any extra scripts you need from any other tracking system to both the header and the footer of your page.

Choose a page. Clone it , Promote it, and Start Making Sales!

Join over 6000 affiliates and start using the Cloner App today in your sales campaigns and see how easy it is to start advertising different products in just a few minutes.

How can you benefit from the Page Cloner?

No matter if you are an affiliate or an affiliate manager, the Cloner App is perfect for you!


You will have all the pages of the products you advertise on your domains, thus making it safer and less risky to have your ad accounts blocked, as well as ensuring that your cookie and tracking pixel are tagged so you don't lose your commission.

Cookie Tagging Guarantee

Traffic Tracking Scripts

SSL Certificate for your Domains

Facebook Domain Verification

Easy, Fast and straightforward

Affiliate Manager

Are you looking to help boost the results of your affiliates, with the Cloner App you have the best tool for them to sell your product on a large scale, without the stress or the worries of low quality pages or even dubious offers of your product.

Active Domains Manager

Domain Removal

Instant Access Release

Training for Platform Use

Special Commission as an Affiliate

What our customers say about the Cloner

"I Love Everything! What I liked the most was how easy it was to clone a page, even a child could use it."

— Vinicius de Castro

My Own Domain

"I liked this system, because the page that I promote, loads on my domain, that's very good."

— José Ribamar

Easy to Use

"I loved it for the ease of creating my own structure, very fast and simple to use."

— Daniel de Oliveira

Easy to Clone

"I loved the ease of cloning the producer's pages and making all the changes in moments."

— Samuel Amancio

Edit Everything

"The best thing is the ease of perfect cloning, and still being able to insert my pixel and edit everything"

— Carlos Eduardo

"For a person who knows nothing about programming (like me), this system is the best purchase I have ever made in my life."

— Claudemir Hinze

"What I like most about the Cloner App is its practicality in setting up a complete structure in a matter of minutes."

— Daniel Diniz

Agile and Efficient

"Agility in setting up my own structure and the tool accomplishes that efficiently."

— Leonardo Garcia

Many Possibilities

"The possibilities of having any page and still set it up with my scripts, that's amazing."

— Adelson Bracaroto

Total functionality

"Fully functional, besides cloning the whole page, it has the option to edit it. Perfect!"

— Renato Kleber

Add Features

"In addition to cloning the pages, the ability to add features like WhatsApp button and redirect when returning"

— Marcos Paulo

"Very good the ease in cloning and the explanatory videos on each item in the tool dashboard help a lot"

— Wagner Weindler

Check out how the Cloner App works

Watch the video below, to get to know some of the resources that the Cloner App has to offer you, right after you sign up for one of our plans…

Exclusive Bonuses made for you

Our goal is to help you and to accelerate your results even more, that's why we have special bonuses to get you started today.

Técnica Especial Para Fazer as Primeiras Vendas com Afiliado
Aprenda a Criar Campanhas para Vender Todo Dia pelo Facebook

The most powerful tool for Digital Affiliates to promote their products without fear of being blocked and in minutes!

Over 6000 affiliates use Cloner App to build their business with confidence





Plus Plan Features:

  • 3 Customized Domains
  • Clone up to 150 Pages
  • No Access Limit (Launch Offer)
  • 2 Free Domain Names for Testing
  • Free Domain Hosting
  • Domain Check for Facebook Ads
  • Domain Check at Hotmart
  • Custom Links on Your Domain
  • Cloned Pages Optimization
  • Facebook and Google Tracking Scripts
  • Affiliate Cookie Tagging
  • Custom Presell Page
  • Automatic Cloaked Page
  • Sales Origin Tracking
  • URL Parameter Passing
  • Fast Link Replacement
  • Content Replacement
  • WhatsApp Button for Sales
  • Exit and Back Redirect
  • Social Link for Sharing
  • Tracking Pixels
  • Security Certificate (SSL)
  • Full Video Tutorials
  • All Bonus Courses
  • WhatsApp Support






Premium Plan Contains:

  • 10 Own Custom Domains
  • Clone up to 300 Pages
  • No Access Limit (Launch Offer)
  • 2 Free Domain Names for Testing
  • Free Domain Hosting
  • Domain Check for Facebook Ads
  • Domain Check at Hotmart
  • Custom Links on Your Domain
  • Cloned Pages Optimization
  • Facebook and Google Tracking Scripts
  • Affiliate Cookie Tagging
  • Custom Presell Page
  • Automatic Cloaked Page
  • Sales Origin Tracking
  • URL Parameter Passing
  • Fast Link Replacement
  • Content Replacement
  • WhatsApp Button for Sales
  • Exit and Back Redirect
  • Social Link for Sharing
  • Tracking Pixels
  • Security Certificate (SSL)
  • Full Video Tutorials
  • All Bonus Courses
  • WhatsApp Support


It's simple: purchase the Cloner App, use it on your domain and campaigns, and if you don't like cloning your pages using our platform, we will refund 100% of your purchase.

This guarantee covers 7 full days, and during that time, the team and I will do everything possible to help you succeed.

More Testimonials from our Customers

"It makes life too easy for anyone who is not a programmer, but who wants to have a professional webpage template."

— Roberto do Nascimento

For Begginers

"Gostei de tudo, pois sou iniciante e a plataforma ajuda muito quem está começando pela sua facilidade."

— Andrea

Easy Tutorials

"Very good, and the tutorial is amazing, it explains very well how to use the system"

— Francisco Jose

No Time Wasted

"The idea of cloning a page without having to spend so much time setting one up from scratch is awesome!"

— Geraldo Xavier

I Can Monetize

"I love it because I can monetize any niche, just by cloning the pages and promoting it."

— Eduardo

"The possibility of being able to advertise as an affiliate on Google and do the SEO right to the sales page itself."

— Tiago Silva

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can see some of the most frequently asked questions.

What do I need to use the Cloner App?

The Cloner App is an independent tool, which runs directly on our servers, requiring only a modern browser to view the panel.

Does the Cloner App need WordPress?

The Page Cloner is no longer a WordPress plugin, so you don't need to install anything on your site, or even have hosting for your domain.

Can I install the Cloner App on any domain?

Yes, just follow the instructions on how to add your domain to our system, and you can clone the pages into your domain.

Can I clone pages from non WordPress sites?

Yes, the Cloner App does not differentiate between the page you want to clone, and you can clone almost any page except pages with server protection against cloning.

Can I upgrade my plan after my initial purchase?

Of course, you can upgrade your plan at any time via our support email:

How and when will I receive my access?

Your account is created and sent automatically to your purchase email, so right after your purchase it may take up to 15 minutes to complete the payment processing, and then send the email with your login details.

I did not receive my login details, what should I do?

Your login details are automatically sent to your purchase e-mail, and we ask you to always check your spam or junk mail box, since it is software, it may fall there. If you can't find it, just contact us at to have it resent.

Can I become an affiliate of the Page Cloner?

Of course, everyone can affiliate with the Page Cloner, so you can promote our product, just register at the link below, and our affiliate manager will assist you.

#05 | Portal do Afiliado | Captação

How to get support and access to updates?

As it is an independent tool, all updates, improvements and new features we have in the future, you will have access to while your subscription is active.

Support is available via WhatsApp, with quick access to our WhatsApp within the platform.

Do you have a visual editor of the cloned pages?

Currently we do not have a visual editor yet, but it is in our roadmap to be released as soon as possible, allowing you to edit the cloned pages more easily and quickly.

If I stop paying, will it still work?

No, if you cancel, refund or delay payment of your subscription, your cloned pages will become inactive and cannot be accessed by visitors.

I need help, how do I contact support?

You can request support at any time from within the platform, or by emailing, if you try to contact us elsewhere, there is no guarantee of a response.

Do I need to have a computer?

Our recommendation is to use it on a computer for a better experience, but our system is completely responsive, and can be used on cell phones and tablets.

Do I need to pay for any hosting?

No. The cloned page is hosted on our dedicated servers and is safe and secure with SSL certificate.

What if I don’t like it or want to cancel?

You have 7 days to test it. If you don't like it, we will refund your money. If the 7 days of payment have passed, it can be cancelled at any time directly with the payment platform or by contacting our support.

Does it work with any product, even foreign ones?

Yes, it is possible to clone 99% of the products currently available for affiliates, and yes, even for products from other countries you can also clone their pages.